Joel's favorites

Here are some of my favorites and I will be adding more as I go along.

Is This the World's Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe?

                                     Beef Wellington

                           BEEF AND BROCCOLI STIR-FRY

                    Beef Stroganoff over Buttered Noodles

If you like meat balls – TRY these. 

These are simply great for a hearty meatball sub!

Garlic-Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Grilled Potatoes

10 Boneless, Skinless, Anything-but-Boring Chicken Breast Recipes

Some of these are really just fantastic. Try them.

Attention, America: The 'Stroganoff' Burger Has Arrived

S.O.S. (Creamed Beef On Toast)

This is very good an cold days and sticks to your ribs.

Baking Bacon

I have done this and it really is better then frying it. But you must watch it in your oven closely.

How to make Ravioli – with Pictures (Simply Great)

I made these and they super delicious

 Homemade Ravioli

Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties

Easy to make and very good at breakfast.

These are really GREAT!

Hearty Half-time Chilli


Simply great on a cold morning!

Herb-Crusted Halibut


Have not tried this yet, but will soon. Looks great!.